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We focus on helping our patients/clients move away from “dis-ease” to a state of “well-being.” Together with our patients we work to design a whole-health wellness plan that incorporates cutting-edge, non-invasive methodologies that restore and optimize health.


Homeopathy provides a superb, profound and gentle means to optimizing health and healing in all situations of dis-ease and on all levels.

Homeopathic remedies contain highly diluted amounts of active ingredients including plant, mineral and animal substances. They can safely be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment and prescription medications.

Remedy Descriptions

So, why homeopathics...instead of basic vitamins, minerals and herbs?

Homeopathics go beyond what other supplements and remedies can do.

Homeopathics, by nature, work in a much deeper and more exacting avenue. They address the same symptomatic patterns but, along with the nutrient and chemical rebalancing abilities of other remedies, homeopathics effect and establish a cellular rebalancing on an electrical and vibrational level.

Instead of utilizing some of the common well-known homeopathics, the remedies Dr. Ray utilizes have been researched and sourced with over 260 raw homeopathic ingredients from five continents. With specific combinations and complexes, these unique homeopathic remedies can influence the various organs, body systems and processes and draw them into the appropriate and necessary supportive and healing patterns.

While the specific ingredients are crucial, the specific ratios, sequences and the very specific dilutions are key to inspiring the body to rebalance to health, to re-learn healthy states and to release aberrant patterns once and for all.

By utilizing homeopathic remedies which are unsurpassed by any products on the market with a diagnostic protocol that ensures accurate and  systematic application of healing support, Dr. Ray provides an unprecedented ability to access and restore the healing capabilities of the human body allowing for a new level of performance and health.


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Dr. James Scott Ray
Doctor of Chiropractic & Naturopathic Medicine

Proudly practicing in Boulder, Colorado since 1991.

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