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We focus on helping our patients/clients move away from “dis-ease” to a state of “well-being.” Together with our patients we work to design a whole-health wellness plan that incorporates cutting-edge, non-invasive methodologies that restore and optimize health.


“An outstanding practitioner...”

"I have known Dr. James Ray as a chiropractor since 1994.  He is an outstanding practitioner, offering intuitive, effective, and deeply caring body work.  His methods are progressive and well-rounded, and always seem to bring relief even amidst the greatest of stresses.  I cannot recommend Dr. James Ray highly enough for chiropractic care that really works."  

Mary Jane F., Denver, CO



No more headaches after 30 years of suffering:

Dr. Ray never fails to amaze me with his talent for restoring a sense of health and well-being. His caring nature and gentle approach have put me at ease time and time again as he’s helped me with not only back and neck problems, but wrist, ankle, and hip pain, too. But more than anything else, I have to thank Dr. Ray for showing me what life can be like without the chronic daily headaches I’ve suffered from for thirty years. Dr. Ray is the first person I call if I’m hurting!

Ingrid L., Lafayette, CO



“Immensely fortunate to have found him…”

I have received numerous treatments from Dr. Ray and feel immensely fortunate to have found him.  His practice is extraordinarily skillful, subtle, and nuanced – much more than I expected based on my experience in other settings.  Before seeing him, I felt that my body parts were not communicating well with each other, but after only a few visits I gained a palpable sense of balance and relaxed fluidity.  Both my posture and movements were freer and more integrated.  What's more, he has a warm and friendly manner; I feel completely at ease with him.  This is a rare quality and is very important to me.  I am 65 years old: I like this!

Rick V., Longmont, CO



"Oh my God, I feel like a million bucks… I could almost cry this feels so good…”

"I have been going to Dr. Ray for almost 10 years, continuing even when I moved briefly out of state.  His method of Chiropractic helps my body to maintain its health and an overall sense of well being.  

Dr. Ray is a very kind and gentle person who sincerely cares.  I am grateful to have found him and look forward to many more years of personalized care".

Judith L., Windsor, CO


“I am currently the healthiest and happiest I have ever been…”


I have been receiving treatment from Dr. James Ray for 10 years now!   

He is a kind, caring and a gentle practitioner.   I was out of balance physically and emotionally when i meet James coming out of several car accidents.   He helped bring me back into balance with his gentle and intuitive techniques.  James helps me get to the root of my problem with his treatments and this allows me to change and move beyond the imbalance.

I am currently the healthiest and happiest I have ever been and enjoying my life!   What a change from where I was.  

I highly recommend his treatment to those seeking chiropractic care and a higher quality of life. 

Krista B., Eldorado Springs, CO



MS & Equilibrium:

I have MS and Dr. Ray has treated my various symptoms for over 15 years.  Equilibrium is an issue I 
live with; after seeing Dr. Ray I always feel more grounded and in touch with my body.

Shirley V., Longmont, CO



“Multiple injuries… Dr. Ray’s work continues to enhance the quality of my life… His ‘bag-of-tricks’ is extensive…”

Multiple injuries over recent years have greatly compromised the integrity of my spine. My recovery process has included chiropractic therapy from a series of treatment providers. Looking back at the handful of Chiropractors who have adjusted me, most seem to have a fomrmula of swiftly and forcefully popping the vertebrae into place. Over time, such adjustments felt increasingly brutal, occasionally creating more injury and re-traumatizing the affected areas. The treatment was starting to become part of the problem for me.

Finally, a friend recommended the gentle services of Dr. James Ray. WOW! What a different experience! Dr. ray’s subtle approach tunes into the body at a deep level as reads muscle response and makes his adjustments in tiny increments using an Integrator (his ‘magic wand’). My body and mind welcome this gentle, non-invasive technique. After each adjustment, I walk away from his table feeling that the treatment addressed my injuries in a compassionate fashion, leaving me with a peaceful sense of well being.

Dr. Ray’s work continues to enhance the quality of my life, helping me live with less pain and increasing my overall range of motion. In addition, his knowledge of nutrition has guided me to make positive lifestyle changes in my diet. After following hiw advice, my digestion has improved and inflammation decreased. His ‘bag-of-tricks’ is extensive, and he draws from it as needed to address the given problem at a core level.

If you want a ‘bone-cracker’, they are a dime a dozen. However, if you want a sensitive,

Gentle and intuitive Chiropractic approach that is respectful and non-invasive, I cannot recommend Dr. james Ray highly enough.”

Holly H., Boulder, CO



"When I'm done, it feels like my body, every cell, is filled with prana."


Louise S., Boulder, CO


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